A powerful cost-effective energy-saving solution

DimOnOff SCMS (Smart City Management System) is the complete End-to-End Wireless Control & Monitoring System that allows cities and municipalities to radically reduce and control their street lighting energy consumption & maintenance costs.

DimOnOff SCMS is simple to deploy and tailored for LED street light conversion projects. It is also suitable to retrofit existing fixtures of all types into monitored assets.

The system allows real-time & programmed management of a lights’ network, and delivers energy savings through dimming & trimming, and optimized maintenance of lighting fixtures.


Opening the door to Smart City projects

The DimOnOff SCMS includes practical and robust hardware, highly secured firmware and advanced software, which transforms each and every street light into an addressable, remotely accessible asset via wireless communication, with capabilities to connect various types of sensors.

Because it operates as a canopy above the city, the DimOnOff SCMS Network can readily be used as the backbone for Smart City sensor and actuator applications.

DimOnOff SCMS helps to unlock the value of the IoT by providing real-time & reliable insights of connected assets. Sensors can be be linked to the utilities to signal power failure, connect to 911, etc.

DimOnOff SCMS also interfaces with digital LED street signs and banners to broadcast emergency advisories, Amber Alerts, signal no-parking, advertising or public information.

When it comes to reducing energy consumption, the fastest value creation & payback comes from control.

For Smart Cities seeking to lower costs and lower their impact on the environment, DimOnOff SCMS is an ideal solution for control, sensors, monitoring and metering.


Unparalleled scalability

DimOnOff’s technology is proven and has already been successfully deployed in the largest city-wide LED conversion project in North America (50 000+ luminaires / 150+ zones, per CMS), comprised of street, parking and pathway lights.

The DimOnOff SCMS Software Platform can effortlessly manage the largest city implementations, anywhere in the world, with its unparalleled scalability; DimOnOff's smart control can address up to 2 billion modules per system. 

DimOnOff's plug-and-play technology simplifies large scale deployments in any environment.


Fast, secure & powerful user-interface

Wireless communications are secured using a protocol developed by DimOnOff and encrypted at 128 bits AES — over standard protocols (IEEE 802.15.4, radio frequency 2.4GHz or 900MH).

DimOnOff's innovative user-interface allows automating unlimited lighting schedules for individual fixtures, in any desired sequence, to dim, turn on or off at any given time. It also offers real-time capability to monitor, identify and report any anomaly in the network’s operation, send alarms automatically — and indicates individual faulty luminaires or outages to a maintenance list (email addresses or mobile phones) to help schedule repairs, or even to specialized Maintenance Management software that DimOnOff partners with.


A powerful wireless solution

  • Unbeatable response time — polling takes less than 3 seconds (as compared to 30 seconds or more with other solutions on the market);

  • C136-41 twist-lock connector, or flat low profile Internal node — adapts to any lighting fixture (decorative, architectural, shoe box, cobrahead, etc.);

  • Highest functional intelligence of nodes — exploited by a high-end gateway software specifically designed to take advantage of nodes' full function-set, and optimize communications flow;

  • Multiple radio options compatible with AMI and other RF communication infrastructure.


SCMS: SMART CITY Management System (Console/Server)

  • From the operations office to the field: every aspect of the software platform and tools to handle field installation & tests, has been developed with Users in mind;

  • Manage and control your lighting network, securely from anywhere, on any browser, using PCs, smartphones or tablets;

  • Dynamic maps & graphics;

  • Easy and intuitive navigation & search tool — a GUI crafted for User’s effectiveness;

  • Extensive reporting, exports to several standard formats (PDF, XLSX, XLS, CSV, TIFF, RTF, etc.)

  • Automated report generation and distribution.


Compatible with industry standard protocols

  • Standard interface for major open protocols — OSC, TALQ, NTCIP 1213, SLV;

  • Rugged standard plug-in modules with universal power supply 120 to 480 V (same SKU);

  • Industrial temperature range operation (-40°C to 70°C);

  • Built in North-America with the highest standards in quality control and in-plant calibration (billing grade metering) of each individual unit;

  • Service-oriented architecture with an open API, directly available to our clients’ developers and network of Partners.


OEM and White Labelling

Join many other companies that currently benefit from our years of Research and Development and market experience. DimOnOff is proud to offer its solutions to some of the most renowned actors in today’s market under various types of arrangements. Contact us for more information sales@dimonoff.com.